Be Tick Aware

We want our children to be outdoors, enjoying their natural surroundings as much as possible, but it is important that parents and children are aware of the risk posed by ticks in the Scottish Highlands. 

Ticks are present in woodlands, moors, parks and gardens - anywhere where there is a population of small animals for them to feed on. We are not plagued by them in the Allsorts garden, but it is possible that they are there. We try and keep our day trips away from places we know to have a high tick population - but it is impossible to minimise the risk entirely and ever get out over the door.

Some ticks in the Highlands carry diseases that can be passed on to humans (and animals) when attached - the most prevalent of these being Lyme Disease. If untreated, Lyme Disease has chronic and debilitating effects on the long term health of the infected person.

It is important therefore to be TICK AWARE. Please read through the information provided by Lyme Disease Action in the link above - and practice vigilance at all times.

For our part, we will do our best to ensure that children remain suitably clothed for the outdoors and if we do find an attached tick whilst your child is at the club, we will remove it immediately using the tick remover and inform you of the incident so you are able to look out for the symptoms of Lyme disease and access treatment if needed.

It is not recommended that you use tweezers, matches, petroleum jelly etc as there is a greater chance of any infection being passed on.




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